Come Pop up with Likeable Pop-ups!

Take advantage of this space by setting up a pop up shop to showcase and sell your products. Likeable Pop-ups is an up and coming company looking to provide affordable storefronts to entrepreneurs who have products to sell but don’t have a space to sell out of. At Likeable Pop-ups we provide affordable space inContinue reading “Come Pop up with Likeable Pop-ups!”


“The Alpha Lifestyle, live every moment like it’s your last.” KENEX: What is your name and the name of your company? BLIZZY HOME: Rob Rios-Gibson and my company is Blizzy Home. KENEX: Who or what has been the greatest inspiration /influence for you and your company and why? BLIZZY HOME: In December of 2015 myContinue reading “BLIZZY HOME”

Room10 NY

“Sometimes creativity hits you out of nowhere. You can’t always think of something you want, instead just let it come to you naturally one day.” KENEX: Who or what’s been the greatest inspiration/infuence for your company and why? Room10: Room10 started off as a skateboarding brand/team. It’s just a group of friends having fun butContinue reading “Room10 NY”

Sweet & Sassy. Trendy & Classy. Take a peek inside Khely’s Kloset.

“I’ve seen both of my parents work really hard day in and day out to provide for their children. Their work ethic is what I admire most. They both have shown me how to work very hard toward what I want out of life.” “I want to start putting together more events for children. EventsContinue reading “Sweet & Sassy. Trendy & Classy. Take a peek inside Khely’s Kloset.”

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