Come Pop up with Likeable Pop-ups!


Take advantage of this space by setting up a pop up shop to showcase and sell your products.

Likeable Pop-ups is an up and coming company looking to provide affordable storefronts to entrepreneurs who have products to sell but don’t have a space to sell out of. At Likeable Pop-ups we provide affordable space in hopes of helping to build up the community, by encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs to not only talk the talk, but to walk the walk as well.

How It Works:

Contact us via phone or email

Select date, time and space

Pay Refundable Deposit

Pay Remainder & Have Event


$15 – 100 sq. ft/4 hrs.

$30 – 100 sq. ft/8 hrs.

$45 – 100 sq. ft/12 hrs.

Our Story:

Even with 15 years of experience in assisting people with designing and leasing spaces, including teaching students and building over 100,000 sq. ft office spaces, it was my wife and family that ended up motivating me to take the next step into becoming a business owner. Through the years I have learned that my greatest joy comes from being able to help others improve their own situations. From this inspiration Likeable Pop-ups was envisioned and put into motion, designed to help encourage and empower other business owners, particularly those with low-income and/or limited to no space available to sell. In the near future I hope to have a few more pop up locations to help numerous new businesses with an affordable start.

~Clarence McCray (Owner)

“Likeable Pop-ups is forward thinking with its innovative concept and design. Shipping container architecture is a trending futuristic idea, that not only offers affordability but is also a perfect way to reuse the materials.”

Published by Kenex2020

Showcasing local talent and businesses in the Albany, NY area.

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