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“Sometimes creativity hits you out of nowhere. You can’t always think of something you want, instead just let it come to you naturally one day.”

KENEX: Who or what’s been the greatest inspiration/infuence for your company and why?

Room10: Room10 started off as a skateboarding brand/team. It’s just a group of friends having fun but we also push a product out. We drew inspiration obviously from skateboarding and the many brands and teams; most specifically groups such as Gang Corp, a NYC skate group. The Albany scene itself really inspired us to do something to become a part of it. A local rap group by the name of Glockstar is showing support by helping us promote.

KENEX: What’s been your greatest achievement so far?

Room10: Speaking for the brand itself, I think the greatest achievement by far is having the connections and gaining a following. I’ve never had anything like that in my life with the tremendous amount of support, aside from my parents. To see people that you don’t know or are close with spread your clothing and posts and promoting you to a bigger following, is crazy. It must mean you’re doing something right and to keep on doing it if you have something someone wants.

KENEX: What do you see for yourself in the future?

Room10: Seeing myself in the future as a senior in high school, it’ll be interesting how this brand will carry out when I’m not in Albany. There’s 6 members on the team and I currently am the one creating the designs, the advertisement and 90% of the work. Ray establishes connects and promotes. Hopefully I can carry this brand into college. Going to college for business in the city {NYC} I want to apply that to the brand and expand.

KENEX: How would you describe your product? Any comparisons?

Room10: Our style of clothing can be compared to core skate culture. I feel that every skate brand has their own gimmick, for us that gimmick is the apartment where Room10 was founded on. On the back of the original hoodies there’s an image of the apartment, and that’s been the best seller.

It’s only the beginning.”

KENEX: Where can people view and/or purchase your product?

Room10: We are currently printing our shirts in a print shop in Albany. This way we can get our products out to customers faster. First we’re focusing on building a following to put people on, but we are almost ready to completely go with real screen printing.

KENEX: If you had a slogan for yourself/product what would it be?

Room10: If I had a slogan for myself I’d buy out the copyright from Nike and say “Just do it.” For months while Room10 was a thing I didn’t make any content or clothing, then one day I had an idea for a shirt and made it and hyped it up like it was something big. That’s where the following came in and the people supporting us. It’s crazy to think how one day I can sit there and decide that I want to make a team called Room10, and then just do it.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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