Earthly Sparkle

“My products attract the eye of the customers in one glance. My style varies to the seasons. I go from elegant styles to hippie styles.”

Earthly Sparkle is an innovative company that specializes in custom designed hypoallergenic pillows, home decor, and travel items. Established in 2016, Earthly Sparkle products can be purchased online or at local events. Also available are beautifully unique costume jewelry pieces, suitable for all ages and genders, varying in styles.

“My greatest influence is my mentor Tonya Alston. She gave me business ideas and has been guiding me on my path since 2016.”

The accessories are seasonal so each season new jewelry will be available, with a multitude of styles. From casual to elegant or natural to animated, Earthly Sparkle has something for everyone! It’s very inexpensive with prices ranging from $2-$4.

The owner states her greatest achievement thus far is being able to sell and ship her products out to other states. She also loves to see the excitement from children when they learn that she has products catered to them as well. Surprisingly they have become her biggest supporters.

In the near future I see myself with more than one business and plan to pass them along to my children to keep it going. I also plan for my children to go into business with me and to branch off to different states.”

Get Some Earthly Sparkle Today!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Showcasing local talent and businesses in the Albany, NY area.

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